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Instagram – Optimization

This was a short article I was excited to write because I have been doing a lot of research on this not only to better my business but to help my clients as well. For the Instagram novices and newbies (if you just use instagram to post pictures you may fall into this category), Instagram has been shown to have high conversion rates for product sales and traffic to the sites that sell these goods. I’ve seen it work personally and can be done without spending a dime.

Clean Imagery – this is the bread and butter of Instagram. Great imagery comes from picking a topic/focus/subject that is clearly visible and defined. Great rule of thumb for text posts and B-Roll type nostalgia pictures.

Topic/Conceptual Galleries – If you look at successful (defined this be follower count for this example) Instagram accounts their overall gallery follows a concept throughout. If the type of content stays consistent followers typically stick around because you are producing similar content to that which got them hooked in the first place.

The power of the # (hashtag)

So in ordinary Facebook campaigns you must target your audience when you create your ad, it bids against others(ads) with the same/similar audience, and the ad is displayed when you win the bid. This is a paid digital marketing service, however, the savvy have learned that hashtags target, or at least can target, just as effectively without fighting for bids…it’s FREE. Yes, you will need great art and yes, you do need to be pushing an idea thats marketable. The power comes when you have the art and the marketability with a platform that allows others to connect to your fruitions by a simple hashtag and some keywords.

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