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Geometric – Low Poly Design

One of my recent interests has come from turning raw images into geometric illustrations using vectors from adobe illustrator. Geometric – Low Poly Design is simple in nature as you simply take any photograph (I prefer those of a subject, not just a landscape) and separate areas of similar color with any geometric shape of your choosing. The simplest route is triangles. After you go through the image with the pen tool creating adjacent geometric shapes covering the entire subject matter. You then use the eye-dropper tool and the live paint bucket to bring the image to life. After you have vectorized the subject you need to group the vector shapes with the Live Paint Bucket tool. Now go through and select the underlying image color with the eye dropper tool and fill with the Live Paint Bucket tool. Obviously this is a very very simplified version of how it is done. Please feel free to post with any questions. I have provided an example of this type of illustration as well.

Owl Vector Illustration
Owl Vector Illustration (Geometric – Low Poly Design)

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