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Marketing Ideas & How Green Bee Can Help

A large part of Green Bee Digital Solutions’ business services is small business marketing. I have a substantial background in design and through work have found a way to channel strong design in such a way to create revenue through marketing. Although I specialize in digital marketing, my services can be applied to a myriad of marketing ventures. This list is what I consider the best practices in each category and everything that’s in bold is a service that Green Bee Digital Solutions can potentially offer our clients.

Marketing Materials

  1. Business Cards
  2. Brochures / Pitch Stacks
  3. Stationary and “Gift” Supplies for potential clients.

Direct Mail | Email Campaigns

  1. Postcards – Coupons
  2. Email Blast with Split Test Analytic Tracking
  3. Free Samples
  4. Email Subscriptions “Opt ins” on website
  5. Professional Email Signature
  6. Newsletters

Marketing Planning & Strategy

  1. Enticing “Call to Action”
  2. Marketing Plan and Budget
  3. Narrowing a Target Audience
  4. Focus Group
  5. Always Request Refferals
  6. Volunteering and Charity for Promotion

Social Media Marketing

  1. Business Pages on Social Platforms where applicable (facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc…)
  2. Vanity URLs and @names for your business
  3. Business Blog & maintain postings
  4. Posting Content for User Engagement 

Internet Marketing

  1. Set up listings (Yelp, Google, Angie’s List, etc…)
  2. Google Adwords campaigns
  3. Call Tracking
  4. Website and Google Analytics
  5. Landing Pages
  6. Join other similar online blogs and keep regular postings.

Networking & Relationship Building

  1. Introduce yourself to local businesses
  2. Join local Chamber of Commerce
  3. Attend trade shows & run a booth
  4. Send out Customer Satisfaction surveys after service completion
  5. Mentoring
  6. Joining Professional Organizations


  1. Branded Clothing promoting your business
  2. Start a Podcast
  3. Holiday Gifts or Birthday cards for customers
  4. Sponsor local sports teams
  5. Rewards programs


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